Setup Rules:

Each player shall bring with them (or cause to have brought for them) a sufficiency of their alcoholic beverage of choice. Those with lesser experience with Javascript should limit themselves to less potent drinks, for fear of alcohol poisoning.

Players shall arrange themselves around a table (ideally circular) in a clockwise ascending order of self-reported knowledge of Javascript and its idiocyncracies. This is to allow the maximal engagement of all participants.

Gameplay Rules:

Starting from the player with the least knowledge of Javascript, and moving clockwise, each player shall in turn declare a problematic feature of the language, explaining the oddity in as much detail as necessary. Core language mistakes are clearly preferred, but oddities of common libraries and Javascript implementations or environments are also welcome.

The other players will then vote by a show of hands. No hand raised means a vote for “sip”, thumbs up means a vote for “drink”, and thumbs down means a vote for “actually, that’s a good feature”. All “thumbs down” votes must be justified.

After the voting, everyone involved who was previously unaware of this linguistic misfortune must drink the voted amount. Anyone who voted “thumbs down” and was outvoted must drink double.

Optional Rule: The presenting player may also present security implications of the language quirk. Voting is again held based on the severity of the flaw, and anyone who was previously unaware of this particular security issue (even if they knew of the underlying linguistic issue) must drink the voted amount.

Victory Conditions:

None, really. You’ve just spent the night (or day, or possibly thirty-martini lunch break) discussing Javascript. On the bright side, you’ve been able to drown your sorrows. And on the off chance you are still sober, it means you’ve been able to use your hard won, SAN loss inducing, knowledge of Javascript to directly drive others to drink — instead of just doing it metaphorically.