First, Kismet is doing very well, and is expected to make a full recovery.

However, our already intricate plans for attending Foolscap, which revolved around making sure that we were not overly taxing a puppy’s ability to remain crated and avoid an accident, were altered significantly.

Friday, Kismet suffered a series (at least two, probably three) of strokes, and for large chunks of the day, it wasn’t clear if anyone was home. To be honest, if we had not already purchased our memberships (and if I had not already agreed to be on a couple of panels), we almost certainly would not have gone at all. As it was, she wasn’t left alone at all until Saturday night.

By Saturday, the prognosis looked good. She was alert, and herself, but she still had severely impaired right side function. As of this morning, while I still wouldn’t trust her going down the stairs, she insisted on trotting up them.