With thanks to [info]orionxi:

Monday: Lust
If you were planning on acting on Lust this week, now is the time to do it. You know, before grandma is in the next room. Or for that matter, before the grandkids are in the next room.

Tuesday: Pride
We will make this house look clean, and neat, and organized. And then we will pretend it is always that way.

Wednesday: Envy
How do they keep this house so clean, neat, and organized? I am so jealous!

Thursday: Gluttony
Oh, good, there is room on the table. I’ll just go get the other Turkey out of the kitchen and put it next to the leg of lamb.

Friday: Avarice
I don’t care if all your child wants for Christmas is that doorbuster bargain! If she wanted it so badly, maybe you should have been here freezing at 3:30 in the morning with the rest of us! Get to the back of the line.

Saturday: Sloth
Food. Check. Shopping. Complete. Nap. Definitely time for a nap.

Sunday: Wrath
I understand that the whole country is going home today. But how is that that they are all in our line?