Adding a new puppy to the household has resulted in a jumbling of the canine behaviors. Kismet is still Alpha, but now she has to share a primary person. And Kenneth, all joking aside, has taken on a serious side as he does a lot of the training (and playing with, and checking in on) of a puppy.

And Kismet has been feeling, out of sorts. She has been more than willing to put Babbage in his place (with Kenneth looking on worriedly), but she’s been acting… upset.

Yesterday, she had her dental cleaning. And, in passing, the vet tech noted that she weighed exactly the same as the puppy. This isn’t good, keeping weight on geriatric dogs is a must, and while we knew she was bonier than we’d like, it’s hard to see under all the fluff.

So tonight, Kismet had the first meal of her new, switched-to-canned food diet. We’re putting more calories into her bowl, to put some much needed weight on her. And of course, the dogs are fed in order of seniority, so she eats first.

Not only did she inhale her food (and I may have put in more than I intended), but for the rest of the night, she has been radiating a certain smugness. It wasn’t just the extra calories, getting a food upgrade seems to have reinforced her position as senior dog, and made her much happier about her situation in general.

Food is love. Now certified by both the Jewish and Canine members of the household.